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About White Feather


Mike Tang, a self-taught wire jewellery artist. Began his journey as a jewellery maker in 2004 and decided to pursue his dreams full time in the year 2006. With more than 10 years of acquired skills and knowlegde, he too conduct workshops to share and teach the craft. His work has been featured in US based “Wirework” magazine Fall 2014 issue.


A white feather symbolizes peace and a mesage from angels. Hence, we would like everyone who owns a piece of our jewellery to have peace within themselves and be reminded that angels are always around us.

JEWELLERY Combining traditional techniques and aesthetics, each wear is contructed caringly to bring forth a line of timeless jewellery where simplicity, balance and clean precision are the distinctive charateristics making every single convetable piece easy to mix and wear.

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White Feather, brings you a line of timeless jewellery made with LOVE, come and Be Embraced by the Energy-of-Life.

With Love and Gratitude